“Bridging is a simple short-term financial solution. Each case is different so you can expect us to deliver you a bespoke experience.”

What is a Bridging Loan

What is a Bridging Loan/ Bridging Finance?

A bridging loan/ bridging finance is a short term loan, secured against property or land and is used to “bridge” the gap, until longer term finance can be arranged or the underlying security is sold.

Example: if you are ready to buy a new home but the sale of your existing property falls through, you could use a bridging loan to secure your new home.

Tip: the key to the success of a bridging loan is to ensure that a viable exit strategy is firmly in place upon application.

How long does a bridging loan take to complete?

Our average turnaround time is 5-7 days, much quicker than a traditional bank loan.

We still do as much legal due diligence as a bank would. One major difference is that as a non-status bridging lender, we do not employ credit scoring as a means to assess your application, therefore we do not require proof of income or credit search reports.

Your application will involve an independent property valuation before the loan is secured by a mortgage/charge.

Why Choose a Bridging Loan/ Bridging Finance?

There are many things bridging loans can be used for, although purchasing residential or commercial property are the most common.

The benefits of a bridging loan/ bridging finance start with its simplicity. You can buy some breathing space, beat competitors, complete work on an existing property and negotiate a better price for a new property.

Example: if you are purchasing property at an auction, the funds will be required quickly. In this instance, bridging finance would be a suitable solution.

If you need to raise funds quickly, a bridging loan is an increasingly popular method of accessing short term finance.

Loan Security

Any type of residential, semi-commercial, commercial property or land (with planning) in England can be considered as security for a bridging loan.

Agility Bridging understands that each deal is unique and that each case must be dealt with on its own merit. That is why we tailor and package the deal around the client’s requirements. We understand that in many cases; deals need to be completed with speed, flexibility and with the assurance that we actually can and will deliver as agreed.

Through bridge financing, we offer financial solutions to a wide range of personal and business issues.

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