“Requirements for the loan are straightforward. We don’t like bureaucracy.”

Loan Criteria

  • Loan to Value

    Up to 75% LTV Max

  • Interest Rate

    Competitive market rates starting from 0.65%

  • Security

    First legal charges only on non-regulated residential, commercial,
    semi-commercial and land (with planning)*

  • Loan Term

    1 month – 12 months

  • Loan Size

    Loans from 100k to £20 million**

  • Credit History

    Non status lending, CCJs, defaults, arrears, bankruptcy we can help in most cases.

  • Interest Payments

    Interest roll-up schemes with option to service the interest

  • Overseas

    Overseas borrowers and companies accepted

  • Bespoke

    Private lender, bespoke solutions with flexible lending terms, each loan is taken cases by case and tailored to suite needs of client.

  • Funding

    Fund up to 100% of the property purchase price

  • Completion Time

    In as little as 48 hours but average loan completion is 5-7 days

  • Partners

    Expert legal and valuation service

  * Will consider 2nd and 3rd legal charges as additional security.
** For loans smaller then 100k or larger than £5 million please contact us to speak about requirements.